Sandent Denture Clinic and Dental Clinic

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Our Technology

Our HYPERION X9 3D diagnostic system is a hybrid platform, exact an advanced piece of equipment that covers everything from 2D panoramic imaging up to cone beam 3D for all your orthodontic, implants and endodontic treatment.

The 3D X-Ray unit can save you long and expensive trips to Wagga, Albury and in some cases even Canberra.

With our advanced implant equipment we can determine the exact position of the implants directly on the 3D model.

Intra-Oral Camera

Intra Oral cameras are used in conjunction with digital x-rays in the diagnosis and documentation of the condition of your oral cavity and any abnormalities that may exist. With this information we then formulate a treatment plan.

Sterilisation and Infection Control

Sandent complies with Class B autoclaving standards ensuring your safety against Hep B, HIV and other health risk factors. Your continued treatment and health is of paramount importance to us. The autoclaving of instruments is carefully monitored cycle by cycle and catalogued on a daily basis thereby ensuring total cleanliness in accordance with current Australian Dental Standards.