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General Dentistry​

General Dentistry

Sandent operates from new premises and complies with Class B autoclaving standards ensuring your safety against Hep B, HIV and other health risk factors.

Our dentists perform all aspects of general dentistry. Our State of The Art- 3D imaging X-Ray unit will ensure precise diagnostics of any underlying bone structures, nerve pathways, abscesses and tooth and root formations pre extraction of teeth.

Sandent has built a reputation in providing a “One Stop Shop” for your denture needs. After considering your medical and dental history we will discuss and offer the best denture design and materials suitable for you. We manufacture everything “in-house” and guarantee a seven-day turnaround period when completing your dentures. 

If you require the full removal of broken-down teeth and the insertion of your dentures in the same appointment, then we recommend “Immediate Dentures” for you. 

We will tailor make your dentures ensuring a comfortable fit and a genuine natural smile. The provision of “Immediate Dentures” is ultimately determined by your INR test.If you are diabetic, have any blood disorder or taking blood thinning medications then our dentist will determine that treatment provided to you. 

The INR is the International Normalized Ratio used if you are taking blood thinning medications. Levels less than 1.5-3.5 are usually considered safe to proceed with dental procedures. Levels greater than 3.5 need close monitoring when performing dental procedures. This information is general in nature and should not be considered pertinent to your particular case. Payment Plans available for every procedure.

Preparing for your first visit at Sandent Dental Clinic

We ask you to come in 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill in your patient details.

We will do a thorough examination of your teeth and gums and record your existing dental and oral condition. From your dental and medical history we will discuss all options available with you then formulate a treatment plan that best suits your budget and expectations. It is often necessary to take x-rays allowing us to detect any sign of decay between teeth and under fillings and crown work

  • Your reason for visit (RFV)
  • Dental History (DH)
  • History of Present Complaint (HPC)
  • Medical History (MH)
  • List of current medications and past medications
  • Your Allergies
  • X-rays
  • Study models
  • Patient Expectations
Preparing For Your First Visit At Sandent Dental Clinic​

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